Puckmate Stripe - hockeyträning överallt

Puckmate Stripe - hockey training everywhere

April 25, 12:00

Puckmate Stripe - hockey training everywhere

Published by Johan Ollson for Puckmate

Our Best Places - Puckmate Stripe

Puckmate Stripe is the starting point for Puckmate, a faithful servant, a favorite and a product that has many advantages. All that is needed is a surface that allows your puck to slide. Of course, we have floors for this ( Puckmate Floormate ), but if you have an MDF board or similar, it also works.
Our Stripe attaches to basically all treated materials, which makes it extremely versatile. Thanks to the strong adhesiveness of the yellow nano rubber (similar to the skins on skis), you will notice how well it actually sticks. When you're done exercising for the day, simply pull off the Strip and wipe off any dirt with a damp cloth. Then put on the supplied protective strip so as not to wear the adhesive unnecessarily. Where do I then use Puckmate Stripe? Below we list typical locations perfect for using the Strip:

  1. The garage driveway - if you live in a villa, terraced house or any other form of housing that gives you access to a garage driveway, you have found gold.
    Attach the Puckmate Stripe to the bottom edge of the wall and place your floor or tile.
    The strip should be as close to the floor as possible for the best effect. Use Puckmate off-ice puck or regular puck.
    Start grinding!

  2. The basement - standing and scratching, and teasing, parquet floors and roommates in the living room is not particularly popular. However, if you have access to a basement where there is often a concrete floor and bare walls and floors, you have also found gold here.
    Lay out the floor (if necessary) and attach the Strip to the wall.
    Start grinding!

  3. Indoors - if the sound does not bother you, if you are not afraid of scratching the floor, then the best place may be the house or apartment you live in. Attach the Strip to any wall or molding and lay out any non-tender surface.
    Start grinding!

  4. Anywhere - all you need to use the Puckmate Stripe is a floor where the puck slides and some kind of stop/wall to attach the Stripe to.
    Many have access to a paved street. Bring something to attach the Strip to (that doesn't weigh too little), a disc or floor, stick and puck.
    Start grinding!


Use the right substrate for your Puckmate Stripe

There are several examples of surfaces on which the puck slides well. The variety and possibilities for flooring are many. Here we list our three favourites:

  1. Form plyfa
  2. Plexiglas sheet
  3. Plastic disc

These floors are bought at your local hardware store and don't cost much.

To further improve the glide, there are a few simple tricks to use. Below we list some smart tips for better sliding:

  1. Potato flour
  2. Glidex silicone spray
  3. Gliding wax

No matter where you are or how much space you have, you can easily use the Puckmate Stripe for simple and effective training. Nothing is impossible, only you set the limits.

Puckmate Stripe costs only SEK 699 and you order it here!

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