About Puckmate

Björn Ollson from Karlstad, Sweden, played 400 games in division 1, 2 and 3 before he finally retired at age 35. Then followed a new career as a playing coach and ended as elite league coach in Norway. After the years as a coach he then worked in a hockey club and with board work, while supporting his two sons in their sports.

Björn when he played in FBK, fourth from the left in the top row.

In connection with this, Björn started Puckmate. The goal was to create products that are used by players in both hockey schools and the NHL. The journey of Puckmate has been lined with ideas, prototypes, material search, testing, etc. The products are now available and used at all levels in the Nordics, Europe, North America and soon also in Asia.

Each thing has its own time. In 2021, Björn retired and then Thomas Rasi took over Bound to Rebound with the goal of developing the company and the products.

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