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Puckmate PRO Fit

Puckmate PRO Fit

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The hockey passing trainer with extremely high return ability. Puckmate Pro has two sides with 100cm fitting foam. The foam is made of closed cells and is very durable. The frame is made of Swedish glulam and comes with four studs (screws) that attach to the ice.

With the handle, you lift and place it on the ice in the desired position for passing, receiving and shooting practice.
Puckmate Pro is used by young hockey boys and girls as well as professional players in the NHL, KHL, SHL, the Swedish Legue and several other leagues.

Where do I use Puckmate Pro?

Puckmate Pro is a puck designed for training on ice. It is placed stably anywhere on the ice and the rebound ability is absolutely world-class.
Puckmate Pro can also be used off the ice. All that is required is a surface on which the puck slides.

What are the dimensions and weight of the Puckmate Pro?

L: 100cm (x2)
W: 23 cm
H: 10 cm
Weight: 8 kg

This is a passer that can withstand a lot, but you shouldn't use it for hard shots.

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